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Sen. Roger Bedford will not contest election results

November 12, 2014   |   News News2

Statement from Sen. Roger Bedford (D-Russellville) 11-12-2014 Maudie and I want to thank the thousands of supporters who came to the polls to continue our support of new jobs , better schools, and bringing millions of tax dollars back to help our district grow. Over the years we’ve worked very hard to create a betterContinue Reading


November 6, 2014   |   Opinion

Time To Work Together   Now that the 2014 election is over and the people of Alabama have spoken, it is time for state legislators to work together and honor our commitments to the people of Alabama to create jobs and provide every child in Alabama with a quality education. We have been chosen byContinue Reading

Hubbard vs. Carns: who will be the next Speaker of the House?

October 31, 2014   |   News

*SPECIAL REPORT Last week and several months ago we reported Rep. Jim Carns (R-Birmingham) had been soliciting support to unseat Speaker Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn). Carns has said for months that if Hubbard were to be indicted, he would run for speaker. Hubbard was indicted on 23-counts of corruption last week. Tonight a meeting was heldContinue Reading

House Republican Caucus to determine leadership next week

October 28, 2014   |   News

To: All Republican Nominees for Alabama House Seats From: Micky Hammon, House Majority Leader Date: August 29th, 2014 Re: Important Caucus Meeting All elected Republican Members of the Alabama House Representatives will meet on Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. in Montgomery. The purpose of this meeting will be to determine, by a voteContinue Reading

Obama Made Me Do It

September 11, 2014   |   Opinion

  September 07, 2014 By Art Parker, Editor Millbrook Independent Monday morning I was reading news reports and couldn’t help but notice some of Mike Hubbard’s recent remarks. Hubbard is the Speaker of the House here in Alabama and the target (or at least one target) of a big Grand Jury investigation in his homeContinue Reading

Anderson Appointed to Serve as Special Circuit Judge

September 4, 2014   |   News

Anderson Sworn in as Special Circuit Judge  Montgomery Presiding Circuit Judge Charles Price swore in Democrat attorney James Anderson today as a special Circuit judge. A state statute allows a Presiding Judge to swear in a Special Judge to help the court handle heavy caseloads. The appointment lasts up to 180 days. Anderson’s appointment wasContinue Reading

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