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Anderson Appointed to Serve as Special Circuit Judge

September 4, 2014   |   News

Anderson Sworn in as Special Circuit Judge  Montgomery Presiding Circuit Judge Charles Price swore in Democrat attorney James Anderson today as a special Circuit judge. A state statute allows a Presiding Judge to swear in a Special Judge to help the court handle heavy caseloads. The appointment lasts up to 180 days. Anderson’s appointment wasContinue Reading

Breaking News on Mark Fuller’s Case

August 26, 2014   |   Opinion

By Donald V. Watkins ©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on August 26, 2014 We have learned that the judges, magistrates, court clerk and chief deputy clerk of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama have all been summoned to Atlanta. These court officials are expected be in Atlanta until Thursday. It isContinue Reading

A Statewide Lottery Could Help Solve Some Problems

August 10, 2014   |   Opinion

By House Minority Leader Craig Ford   Back when Gov. Bentley was campaigning in 2010, he made some bold statements. Statements such as: “I believe the people of Alabama need to decide at the ballot box on a YES or NO vote whether to allow gambling or abolish all forms of gambling.” And Gov. BentleyContinue Reading

IAP Is On Break This Week & Will Publish Next Week

August 8, 2014   |   News

Due to several circumstances, IAP has pushed today’s edition to next week. Rumors are rampant that the Lee County Grand Jury will announce indictments today. It is only rumored and we at IAP haven’t heard anything to confirm such rumors as of this morning.

Dr. Boyd’s Portrait is Complete: Part V of a Special Series of Articles on Alabama State University

August 6, 2014   |   Opinion

By Donald V. Watkins ©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on August 6, 2014 For the first time ever, Alabama State University has included a non-cohabitation clause in the contract of the president. When Dr. Gwendolyn E. Boyd was hired in December 2013, she signed the contract without challenging the clause, which prevents her from livingContinue Reading

State Leaders Need to Work For Us, Not Against Us

July 28, 2014   |   Opinion

by House Minority Leader Craig Ford   I believe that education is the great equalizer. If you give a child a quality education, then with hard work they can make their dreams come true. That is why it is so disheartening to see millions of dollars taken from their education every year so that aContinue Reading

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