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Moore has commanding lead over Strange in new poll for Senate runoff

IAP has learned that a new poll in the U.S. Senate Republican Primary Runoff between Luther Strange and Roy Moore shows Moore with a commanding 16-point lead. The runoff is slated for Tuesday Sept. 26.

Roy Moore

The poll was conducted by Southeast Research pollster Dr. Jerry Ingram, professor emeritus of Auburn University Montgomery. The survey was performed between August 29-31 with 401 likely Republican primary runoff voters.

According to the poll, Moore received 51.9 percent to Strange’s 36 percent while 12.1 percent of the voters were undecided.

“What the poll tells me is that Moore has a solid lead over Luther Strange,” Ingram said. “The voters are unenthusiastic about electing Luther Strange.”

Luther Strange

Dr. Ingram has conducted hundreds of polls in the state of Alabama for races involving the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress as well as state races for Governor, Attorney General, the Alabama Supreme Court and other offices. He is certified by a national professional research organization at their highest level and he has been recognized as an expert in public opinion research by both federal and state courts.

Additionally, when the question was asked what issues were most important to voters that the federal government needed to address, the top responses were repealing Obamacare, rebuilding the military and reducing government spending.

“After looking at the poll these are the issues that both Mitch McConnell and Luther Strange have failed to deliver for Donald Trump,” said political consultant Cal Franklin. “I think voters still have a negative view of Luther’s appointment by former Gov. Robert Bentley.”

The candidates favorable and unfavorable rating showed interesting numbers as well. Moore’s favorability rating was at 62.5 percent while Strange’s favorability rating was 53.3 percent.

Strange’s unfavorable rating was 33.8 percent and Moore’s were at 26 percent.

“Conservatives, Christian conservatives and people who have a conservative philosophy are going to Moore in this race,” said Ingram. “The key is turnout and it looks like Moore’s base will be a factor in the election.”