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The Next Speaker of the House Should Not Be Chosen Behind Close Doors – Commentary

July 6, 2016

by Rep. Craig Ford When former Speaker of the House, Mike Hubbard, was convicted on 12 felony counts of corruption, he was immediately removed from office. Now, the state House of Representatives must elect a new speaker. The state constitution requires legislators to hold a public vote to elect the next speaker, but the realityContinue Reading

Where Is The Alabama Democratic Party?

July 3, 2016

Commentary by Jeff Martin Former Republican House Speaker Mike Hubbard, arguably the most powerful person in Alabama politics until a jury found him guilty in June of 12 felony ethics violations is removed from office in disgrace and faces the possibility of years in prison. Republican Governor Robert Bentley; spends most evenings dining alone after…...

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Breaking The Pattern Of Corruption In Alabama Politics

June 11, 2016

Commentary – by Rep. Craig Ford We’ve all heard the famous saying, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It’s more than just a saying, really. It’s a lesson from history that Alabama leaders have continued to repeat over and over again. The conviction of House Speaker Mike Hubbard, the suspension and pending hearing ofContinue Reading

Remembrances of Justice Perry Oliver Hooper Sr.

April 25, 2016

Former Alabama Chief Justice Perry Hooper, Sr. died yesterday in Montgomery at the age of 91. Perry served as Chief Justice from 1995 to 2001. He was the first Chief Justice to ever be elected as a Republican In Alabama. He is survived by his wife, Marilyn Yost, four sons and a litter of grandchildren.Continue Reading

Did The Legislature Vote To Kill My Neighbor?

April 12, 2016

Commentary – by Jeff Martin Last week the Alabama Legislature overwhelmingly voted to override the Governor’s veto of the state’s General Fund Budget, a budget that was $85 million short to adequately fund Medicaid. What is Medicaid and who receives it? Medicaid is a state/federal program that pays for medical and long-term care services forContinue Reading

State Employees Deserve A Pay Raise, Too! – Commentary

March 17, 2016

by Rep. Craig Ford Alabama’s state employees are the unsung heroes who keep our state running. But they have also been neglected and left out for far too long. If Gov. Bentley can find a way to give his cabinet and staff members 80 percent pay raises, surely we can find a way to giveContinue Reading

Why Alabama Should Allow Early Voting – Commentary

March 2, 2016

by Rep. Craig Ford This week, voters across Alabama went to the polls to cast their ballots and make their voices heard. In November, we will do it all over again. More than 3 million people are registered to vote in Alabama, and in the last Presidential election, 73 percent of those people actually turnedContinue Reading

Good Budget vs. Bad Budget – Commentary

March 2, 2016

By Bob Gambacurta Ah, there’s good news in the realm today.  The Alabama Senate, working at near breakneck speed, approved and sent to the House a $1.8-billion General Fund budget. The budget passed the Senate Thursday night.  Thursday was only the tenth of 30 legislative days this session. Normally the budgets, especially the General Fund,…...

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Give Us A Chance To Vote On A Lottery – Commentary

February 17, 2016

By Bob Gambacurta If one happened to be wandering through the halls of the State House last Wednesday, in addition to realizing it’s hard to wander through halls which are that crowded, one would have had a chance to stumble into one of two public hearings on a Republican proposal for a statewide lottery.  House…...

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Is The Republican Lottery Bill Really Just An Attempt To Kill The Lottery?

January 27, 2016

Commentary by Rep. Craig Ford There’s no doubt that momentum for the lottery is building in Alabama. A public opinion poll, paid for by the House and Senate Republican Caucuses, found that 62 percent of likely Republican Primary voters support the lottery, and 59 percent even support expanding gambling in Alabama. These strong numbers showContinue Reading